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New middle-grade book out in June 2020. 


I learned the fascinating history of the Braille system doing this book. Did you know that the inventor was blind himself? And he was just a child when he started making these dot indents into paper?

This romanian adaptation "Evadare Din Bezna" is originally titled "Out Of Darkness- The Story of Louis Braille", written by Russel Freedman and now translated into romanian by Emanuela Jalbă-Șoimaru.


Big thanks to Florin Bica from Editura Viața și Sănătate that entrusted me with the book and for the great lengths the team took in producing this book despite the last difficult months.

The book is listed to be for 10-12 year olds; there is an illustration for each of the 8 chapters in the book.

all illus no bleed_0006_Layer 1.jpg
all illus no bleed_0005_Layer 7.jpg
all illus no bleed_0004_Layer 3.jpg
all illus no bleed_0003_Layer 6.jpg
all illus no bleed_0002_Layer 2.jpg
all illus no bleed_0001_Layer 5.jpg
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