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cel animation & 2d motion design

Direction, design & animation by Tuan Nini


00:00~00:04____Take Ma Money | personal project
00:04~00:06____Stretch Kitchen | personal project

00:06~00:09____Iikal Hair Product | key illustration, animation

00:10~00:14____Swimming | personal project

00:15~00:16____Lie Float | personal project

00:17~00:18____Power Of Storytelling_Decat O Revista | visual identity, illustration, animation

00:19~00:20____Penny Market Recruitment_Mainstage | direction, animation

00:21~00:22____Bobbing Working | personal project

00:23~00:24____Body Muvvit | personal project

00:25~00:27____Civic Awareness Campaign FCB | key visuals & animation 

00:28~00:31____Book Punch | personal project

00:31~00:35____Running | personal project

00:35~00:40____Stairs | personal project

00:41~00:46____Joker Dance | personal project

00:47~00:48____Danstopic: Augmented Reality project with Areal dance space | direction, animation

00:49~00:52____Veruna School of Motion final project | direction, animation

00:53~00:55____MSD Lung Cancer awareness_GRF PR | key visual, direction, animation

00:55~00:57____Geometric Dance Party |  School of Motion final project

00:58~01:01____Veruna School of Motion final project

01:02~01:04____Bounce truck & shopfront | personal project

01:04~01:07____WET hard seltzer_Headvertising | animation test

01:08~01:20____Eat Sleep | personal project


TVPaint, Clip Studio Paint EX, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Rough Animator, Procreate, Callipeg.

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