Can you guess which of these two is Nini?

Tuan is the family name and Nini is my given name. Hailing from Subang Jaya, Malaysia, I work as a freelance illustrator after completing my fine arts degree in painting at the National University of Fine Arts Bucharest in 2011. I work with diverse mediums to create effective images, and as of mid 2019 I have started working with frame by frame animation.


I believe that the visual language employed is inseparable from the message, and so I find something specific within each project to bring forward visually, using my understanding and adaptability of diverse illustrative styles. I especially love to inject a human, down-to-earth and humorous quality in illustrations whenever suitable. 


Working alongside ad agencies, production companies and publishing houses or direct clients, I create works that appear in books and magazines, restaurant menus and bar murals, billboards and tv spots. Some of my clients include Conde Nast, Time Inc, T-Mobile, Singapore Airlines, National University of Singapore, ING Bank, BRD Groupe Societe Generale, New Naratif, Unreserved and Bon Appétit.


As of 2016 my illustration services are incorporated under my company Susumadu Studio SRL in Bucharest- "susu" meaning milk and "madu" meaning honey in Malay.


I speak Malay, English, Romanian, and is on my of acquiring Japanese. Other passions fill what remains of my free time- food, travel, and contemporary dance/contact improvisation. I currently reside in Bucharest, Romania.


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