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random space community mural

Random Space is a co-working space, bar and cultural hub hosting events like film screenings, theater and arts & crafts bazar, situated at Strada Popa Petre 21 in Bucharest.

PHOTO-2022-11-02-10-58-03 3.jpg
PHOTO-2022-11-02-10-58-03 2.jpg

I painted this mural using white exterior wall paint mixed with pigments. Though more time-consuming than using paint straight out of a jar, I get exactly the hues that I want, and this also avoids waste, as I mix just the amount that I need.

ig photo edit_0003_Layer 4.jpg
ig photo edit_0001_Layer 2.jpg
ig photo edit_0002_Layer 7.jpg
ig photo edit_0005_Layer 1.jpg
ig photo edit_0004_Layer 3.jpg

A projector is especially helpful when painting elements that extend beyond your field of view when your face is right against the wall. Thanks to Paula Rusu for lending me her projector!


Sunplaza mural x visual playground


Mural project to celebrate the 10 year anniversary campaign of Sun Plaza in Bucharest. Project coordinated by Field Star agency and Visual Playground team. 

The client brief specified the themes they wanted to touch on in the imagery of each letter, the overall theme being envisioning a better future: for example smart-energy home, sustainable clothing, better public transport conection, digitized bureaucracy, digital detox, etc.

sun plaza

I received the template for the letter shapes, and filled up the space according to the brief. After getting this "blueprint" approved, the painting begins.


The giant letters were painted using Polycolor acrylics on dibond, set up in a different location and later transported and unveiled at the mall courtyard.


Here's me doing a final-final touch on the opening day.

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