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sCHOOL OF MOTION Veruna clean water 30sec

truck transformation 2.gif

30 second PSA for Veruna, a fictive organization that deploys water filtration systems to areas with limited access to potable water, explaining their mission and call for financial aid from the public to help support costs of operation.

Upon receiving the client's script and brand assets and guidelines, I work on the visual script, which is text explaining my vision for the visuals that would accompany the narration. Based on the approved visual script, I draw out the storyboard, where additional explanation of each shot and possible transitions is added in the description to aid understanding.


veruna stb_0000_Layer 6.jpg
veruna stb_0001_Layer 5.jpg
veruna stb_0002_Layer 4.jpg
veruna stb_0003_Layer 3.jpg
veruna stb_0004_Layer 2.jpg
veruna stb_0005_Layer 1.jpg

In the interest of time efficienty, storyboards are drawn very simply, only enough to suggest what we see on screen, not to reflect the illustration style. Color usage is only used to aid understanding/as a symbol for objects, instead of being actual color suggestions for the final animation. This light approach aids agility to tackle possible major change requests, as the content of visuals are the most important part of the animation. It is ideal to iron out issues at the storyboard or animatic stage as it is the backbone for the aesthetic and animation choices made later on, which are much more time-costly if major changes to the scenes are requested at a more advanced stage (boardimatic, final animation)

After getting the storyboard approved, I recorded the Voice Over following the client's script and edited it down to fit the 30 second limit. Scratch V.O. tends to be underlooked but it makes a big difference for the success of the animation- I tried many different intonations in performing the script, until I was happy with what I was hearing. Then this recorded V.O. is lined up together with the storyboard drawings on a timeline to get a sense of timing for each scene, and see what needs adjusting. 

Animatic & Boardimatic

The animatic tells me we have less time for the transformation of the water filter to the changing scenes of the filter going on a journey in different vehicles as compared to how i imagined it in the storyboard phase, but actually turns out to be a good thing, as a snappy transformation and scene cuts adds vitality to the animation. 

After the receiving feedback on the animatic, I work on the boardimatic, which is creating the final artwork for the key scenes, and putting them into the timeline- essentially replacing the animatic sketches with the final art boards.

For the final animation, I edit in the final music track, add sound effects, and mix the levels and clean up the frequencies in my voice over to be clearer.


Here is the final result.

Thank you very much to School of Motion and Van Velvet for the

immense learning opportunities on this project.

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