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THE Power of storytelling conference

The Power of Storytelling is a conference hosted by Decât O Revistă, and they brought me on to make them Key Visuals and animation following that year's conference theme, "Heal". The theme suggests that stories have the power to heal, and to represent this idea, I came up with the image of representing the story as a speech bubble that also works as a blanket, enveloping a figure. 

The illustration comes first, then I imagined the potential for animation. It was important that the animation imparts a feeling of coziness. 

Final Animation

This 12 second animation was played on the stage backdrop at the opening of the conference and whenever there was break time in between the talk schedule. Unfortunately I no longer have video of it playing at the conference, but here are some photos with other illustrations I made for the event. 


I also made the portrait illustrations of the speakers of the event- pictured top left and right are Evan Ratcliffe and Lulu Miller.

Cristian Lupsa, editor-in-chief of Decat O Revista to whom I owe many thanks for this lovely project. 

Complementary visual materials for the conference

POS blanket-illu-2.jpg
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