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Flipbook animation

This flipbook was a private commission- a gift from a loving husband to his cherished wife. 


Nicu wanted a simple story- about how they met at a wedding party, and started traveling together and soon, a family together, presented as a flipbook. As the story beats are quite far apart, it was interesting finding transitions from one scene to the next. 

After presenting the storyboard, the only request I received was to replace the last of the three travel destinations from London's Big Ben to Germany's Neuschwanstein castle.


The challenge was to find the suitable thickness of paper for the printed illustrations to be flippable yet durable. Following printer's suggestion, the illustrations were printed on a 150gsm paper. 

I was happy to find the print colors came out lovely, but found out I had to arrange 173 pieces of cards into the right order. 


After sending the stack of printed cards to a binder, the flipbook is finally done! 

In the future I think it would be a good idea to print on slightly thinner paper. I find that the 150gsm is a little too thick and some images are not visible sometimes. it is always possible to reprint if the flipbook gets damaged from a lot of flipping/handling. Which is anyway the ideal outcome, that somebody loves the flipbook so much that they find themselves flipping it all the time to see the magic of animation happen not on a screen but in the physical world. ^_^

flipbook animation tuan nini_1.gif
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