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Citizen's Guide to Activism: PSA animation


A 27 second PSA by Association of ONG-uri Pentru Cetatean to raise civic awareness and responsibility. 

The brief: Create an animation to spread awareness that everyone has the right to defend their rights, and where to learn how to do so, in their city. The animation ends with with a link to a site with resources for exercising one's civic rights.


I worked with agency FCB Bucharest on this project. This was an amazingly smooth project to work on. Cornel Gologan, the creative director had already given me an approved visual script and first storyboard, which made it easy to jump right into asking the right questions to understand the project I'm about to work on.

Sketches by creative director Cornel Gologan

The script:

A dog leaving poop on the street, but the owner does not pick it up. 

Trees are chopped down, and where there was just a one storey house, buildings of endless height are built. A sea of cars appear, creating pollution of air and sound. V.O. narrates "This is why we've created a survival guide for a citizen. Learn your rights and how to defend it in your city".


After a few calls and making sure we're all on the same page, I created a more detailed storyboard, hinting already at the character design and the illustration style. Informing people about civic awareness and responsibility can be a dry topic, but we wanted to have a humorous touch to a simple human. We agreed that a naive, hand drawn treatment will help achieve this tone.

After the storyboard was approved, this was put into an animatic to check for timing, 

The final animation was executed in TVPaint, sound design was produced by Electric Brother.

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